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Wiedemann Manufuktur - Barista och Espresso

Wiedemann Manufuktur

Welcome to our exclusive page dedicated to Wiedemann Manufaktur, German manufacturer of high-quality wooden parts for espresso machines and coffee equipment. Here you will find their impressive collection of wooden handles, matching tampers, cleaning brushes, custom side panels, grinder dosing containers and much more. Experience the timeless elegance and unique feel that only Wiedemann products can offer.


“We believe that a portafilter is much more than just a machine for making espresso...

it is a symbol of quality, pleasure and timeless elegance. It is part of our personal decor. That's why we want to give you the option to customize it to your taste as well."

Nico Wiedemann- Founder


 Durable and stylish handles in wood unique tactile experiences that enhance the value in your interior. We at Wiedemann have always chosen wood over plastic and believe in its unique character and durability. Our wooden handles provide a visually excellent complement to stainless steel and create a unique tactile experience that cannot be experienced with plastic.


Handcrafted wood products for unique tactility
experiences. Every wooden product from Wiedemann Manufuktur is processed by hand with great skill to create a noticeably unique feel. After several stages of grinding, polishing and treatment with biological hard oil, each product simply feels special in the hand. Choose Wiedemann for handcrafted wooden products with a unique tactile experience.


Coffee-inspired philosophy for products of the highest quality.
At [company name], we take as much time, dedication and practice into each product as we do into brewing a good cup of coffee. Only when we achieve
perfection, our high quality standards are met. This philosophy
permeates everything we do at Wiedemann and compromises are not accepted. Choose Wiedemann for products of the highest quality with a passion for perfection.


Craftsmanship of wooden parts in our factory by Lake Constance. At [company name] we are proud to still manufacture all our wooden parts ourselves in our own factory. We do not outsource production to other countries, but continue to manufacture by hand in southern Germany by Lake Constance - also in the future. Choose Wiedemann Manufuktur for high-quality wooden products with artisanal production in Germany.


"We love working with wood and prefer natural products to achieve the highest quality. High-quality wood comes from a healthy environment and cannot be taken for granted. All our woods are carefully selected with sustainability in mind." - Wiedemann


Are the wooden products water resistant?

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Try to avoid water contact. The wood is treated with hard wax and has a protective surface and protects against moisture and water. Tampers with aluminum handles are completely water resistant, but avoid the dishwasher.

Which dosing funnel fits my tamper?

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Precision tamper 58

Precision funnel 58 fits both tampers in 58.5 and 58.0 mm in diameter and is a perfect complement to your espresso prep. Precision tamper and dosing funnel are designed to work well with each other.

Precision tamper 41

Precision funnel 41 is designed to be used with precision tamper 41 and La Marzocco's special filter basket.

What tools are needed to replace wooden components?

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You will need a size 10 U-ring wrench to change to wooden rotary wheels. You don't need any extra tools for machines with joysticks for steam and hot water.

Can the original plastic parts be reassembled?

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Of course, you can always reassemble your original parts without any worries.

Can you continue to use your old one? portafilter?

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Yes, you can continue to use your old one portafilter with the plastic handle as usual.

Can you also buy custom portafilters individually?

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Yes, if you have a special request, we can solve it. Contact us at info@barista-espresso.see and we will help you.

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