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Järna Rosteri - Barista och Espresso

Järna Rosteri

Espresso large, Brygg Poab's, ESPresso Poab's

Järna Rosteri Whole coffee beans

We only sell quality espresso beans that have great flavors


Espresso Grande Espresso beans

Espresso Grande Espresso beans

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BRYGG Poab's

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BRYGG Poab's

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Sustainable raw materials

The raw coffee comes from organic and biodynamic farms from all over the world.

About the farms

Biodynamic coffee farms are run as a closed cycle where no more is grown than what the farm itself can bear.

Demeter branded coffee

Sweden's first Demeter certified coffee. In order to get a demeter certification, it is required not only that the goods are organic, but that the entire farm has a developed cycle approach for more sustainable agriculture.