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About Barista Espresso

About us

Barista and Espresso is a sustainability-oriented online shop in coffee, espresso machines and accessories in Sweden that was founded in 2021. We ship our products all over Sweden. Our vision and goal is to offer a climate-smart alternative. Previously, there were only two choices when buying an espresso machine, either new or used. By providing the same guarantees and conditions as a new one, we can reuse existing resources and thereby contribute to more sustainable consumption without losing quality and performance.

Our vision

We constantly strive to reach our goals and vision and the three 3 main principles are:

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We always strive for a climate-smarter solution.

Customer in focus

We always prioritize the customer's needs.


We ensure that all our products have the highest performance and quality.

Perfect snack

A more environmentally friendly alternative with the same high quality and performance as a new one with a 12-month warranty. No unpredictable risks that come with buying a used one. So a perfect snack!

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Why should you buy a refurbished one over a new one?


∙ The same buying experience as a new one

∙ You help the environment by consuming sustainably

∙ You get a 12-month warranty and a 14-day right of withdrawal

∙ Cheaper for your wallet

How the idea came about

During the covid-19 pandemic when all schools and offices were closed, a greater interest was aroused in being able to brew espresso home. After a deep dive online for an espresso machine, we quickly came to the conclusion that Sage espresso machines are the best in their price range and are also beginner-friendly for us who are new to espresso brewing. However, we realized that the price of a new one Sage espresso machine was way too high for our budget and thus used was our second best option. However, with used cars comes several risks such as;

∙ No warranty

∙ Higher wear and tear

∙ Functional defects

∙ Other unpredictable risks

We wanted to find a solution where we can eliminate the risk factor of buying used while offering a more environmentally friendly alternative without losing the quality and performance of the espresso machine.

What sets us apart from others?

Barista Espresso is a unique online store with a business idea that has a vision to contribute to more sustainable consumption.

Barista Espresso

Billstavägen 74, Järna
15395 Sweden
Phone: (+46) 08-420 026 55

Weekdays, 09:00-15:30
Weekends, 10:00-14:30