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Espresso Grande - En Ekologisk Klassisk Italiensk Espressoblandning från Järna Rosteri - Barista och Espresso

espresso Grande - An Organic Classic Italian Espresso Blend from Järna Rosteri

espresso is an important part of Italian coffee culture and there's nothing like a really good espresso blend to brighten your day. espresso Grande is an organic classic Italian espresso blend that offers a deep and harmonious taste. The beans in this blend come from India, Peru and México and are whole coffee beans that provide a complete coffee experience.

Järna Rosteri - where the love of coffee shines through

Järna Rosteri is a roastery that is passionate about delivering freshly roasted, high-quality coffee to coffee drinkers worldwide. They roast every week to always have fresh coffee in stock. The process is simple and everything is done by hand, with a single mission in mind: to offer a good raw material that they develop through roasting.

The raw coffee that Järna Rosteri roasts come from organic and biodynamic coffee farms from around the world. They believe in a sustainable farming method that does not harm the environment or the local communities. Biodynamic coffee farms are run as a closed cycle where no more is grown than what the farm itself can bear. All plant waste is composted and then used as nutrition for new plantings.

An espresso blend with heart

espresso Grande is the result of Järna's passion for coffee and their endeavor to always deliver the best. The beans in this organic Italian espresso blend have been carefully selected for their unique taste and quality. By using whole coffee beans, the coffee retains its full flavor, making it a real experience for the taste buds.

Enjoy Espresso Grande differently

Espresso Grande Järna Rosteri can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can drink it as a traditional espresso, but it also fits perfectly in a cappuccino or a latte. espresso Grande is a versatile espresso blend that will satisfy your taste buds no matter what type of coffee you prefer. So enjoy a rich and harmonious taste with Espresso Grande from Järna Rosteri.


Espresso Grande from Järna Rosteri is an organic classic Italian espresso blend with a deep and harmonious taste. The beans are carefully selected and roasted by hand to offer a complete coffee experience. Järna Rosteri passionate about coffee and their endeavor to always deliver the best is evident in espresso Grande. So if you're looking for an organic espresso blend with heart, this is it Espresso Grande from Järna Rosteri definitely worth a visit.

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