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Appartamento Espresso machine

Rocket Espresso

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Rocket Appartamento av Rocket Espresso Miloano is a professional compact espresso machine that has a heat exchanger, E61 group and an integrated double pre-infusion system. It has strong steam pressure for milk frothing, a spacious water tank and well-designed chassis with holes on the side of the machine with custom inserts. Rocket Appartamento stands out from the crowd with its stylish design and performance.

More information

Rocket is one of the best espresso machine manufacturers who have understood the importance of both quality and Italian design, which is clearly shown with Rocket's smallest and most stylish model Appartamento. The machine has two convenient knobs for hot water and the steam stick with Rocket's iconic "R" mark on the left knob. The machine has a low profile leg that resembles espresso pucks and has laser cut side panels with a mirror finish on the rest of the machine. We on Barista and Espresso love the compact espresso machine by Rocket which has made a modern twist on a classic espresso machine that delivers commercial level espresso brewing and milk frothing.

Features and performance

The Appartamento has a heat exchanger, this means you can brew and froth milk at the same time, which makes your brewing more efficient and also gives a great advantage when you have to make several coffee drinks. Rocket's E61 group provides a stable brewing temperature by constantly circulating the brewing water between the heat pump and the brewing group, thereby providing perfect temperature stability cup after cup.

Rocket has modernized and redesigned the traditional E61 group with a double pre-infusion system, which means it has a "Static" pre-infusion chamber that lets through and saturates the coffee grounds and with a mechanical part that, with the help of a compression spring and piston, successively releases through the pressure to give a smooth and stable brew to give the good aroma and the thick crema to the espresso. Rocket Appartamento is a well thought out machine.

Internally, the Appartamento has a 1.8 liter copper tank, with an output of 1200 Watts for the element. The espresso machine has integrated sensors that constantly monitor the water level in the tank and in the heat exchanger and remind you when the level is low. If it is not filled despite the warnings, the Appartamento has the function of shutting down to protect the machine and not risk getting air into the system and burning internal components.

Rocket The Appartamento has a 2.5 liter fresh water tank and also has an energy saving mode built in which can be switched on or off with a button located underneath the machine.

Reasons why you should buy an Appartamento

To buy an espresso machine from Rocket means you get one of the best training guide and manual and that Rocket is one of the few espresso machine manufacturers that includes a quality tamper. Rocket Espresso Milano goes the extra mile so that you can get started as smoothly and easily as possible. Rocket Appartamento is perfect for those who have a small space without any exceptions in either quality or performance. If you would like even higher temperature stability, we recommend ours Rocket Chronometro V or R model series that have PID temperature control that only has a tolerance of ± 1 degree.





Rocket Espresso Milan


Chrome, White, Copper, Black


275 mm


430 mm


360 mm

Weight (Net)

20 kg


1200 W

Electrical connection




Brewing group


Material outer shell

Stainless steel

Material heat exchanger

Brass and copper

Max cup height

9 cm

Boiler capacity

1.8 L

Fresh water tank capacity

2.5 L

Solenoid valve


Cup tray


Portafilter size

58 mm

Portafilter cup type

Not pressurized

Heating system

Heat exchanger

Pump type


Temperature control

Pressure switch

Certified NSF/ANSI standard


Water source

Internal water tank

Auto Off/On


Fast delivery

1-3 weekdays within Sweden

Secure payments

We only use safe and reliable payment services

Warranty and return

You get a 1-year warranty and a 14-day right of withdrawal

common questions

Which coffee grinder fits the espresso machine?

open the tab

With such a quality espresso machine, it is especially important to choose a coffee grinder that is at least as good in order to get the best out of the machine. Read our buying guide to find the coffee grinder you need!

How long does one last rocket Espresso machine?

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Long! To entertain one rocket machine is not difficult. As long as you clean it regularly, use good water and maintain it every 5 years, the machine will last as long as you want.

What extra accessories are needed with rocket machine?

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We always recommend purchasing the following as a starter kit to get you started:

Then there are also more popular options:

Which rocket model to choose?

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It can be difficult to know which model to know. WE have made one buying guide so that you can find the ultimate espresso machine that meets your needs and preferences. You can too Contact Us then we will help you find the right espresso machine.

How should we think about water quality?

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We always recommend using the softest possible water with a low lime content. Using good water will both give you better results and a longer life for the espresso machine.

Here we list the different options:

  • Best way is BWT water filtration system for those who have the opportunity to directly connect the espresso machine to the water. With this method, you do not need to descale the espresso machine.
  • Used water filter in the fresh water tank.
  • If you do not have the opportunity for a water filtration system, you can also buy water at your nearest grocery store.

If you are unsure about your water hardness, you can order one water hardness test kit. If you need advice, don't hesitate Contact Us.

Can a beginner like me use one rocket espresso machine?

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Yes, such a machine may look complicated but in fact is very simple and less complicated compared to semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines. If you are interested in deep diving within espresso and want to get the best possible coffee at home, these machines are for you.

Espresso Cover för Rocket - Barista och Espresso

Unique design and elegance

Your espresso machine is not just a machine for making espresso. It is a symbol of quality, pleasure and timeless elegance. It is part of our personal interior design. For that reason, we want to give you the opportunity to design it individually according to your own taste.

Personalize your espresso machine
Handtagsset för Rocket R Cinquantotto - Barista och Espresso

If rocket espresso

Handcrafted in Milan Italy, focusing on beautiful design with meticulous care and attention to detail. rocket Espresso's vision is to deliver the finest espresso in the cup, time and time again.

Learn more about rocket

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