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Discover ProfiTec espresso

Since 1985
ProfiTec espresso machines are German engineered with precision and attention to detail. They have temperature stability, pressure profiling and are built to last. Suitable for both home and professional use, they guarantee the ultimate espresso experience.

Pro 300 Small double boiler with PID

The Pro 300 is a semi-automatic espresso machine with double boilers. Depending on your needs, the PRO 300 can be used as a single boiler. The advantage as a single pan is the short heating time of 5 minutes to make


Introducing our new Profitec Pro 400!

Soon we will launch Profitec's latest model Pro 400! Here is information about the new model.


Pro 500 Heat exchanger with PID

The classic design of the polished stainless steel housing with a high-quality, solid E 61 brew group is rounded off by the nostalgic rotary valves. These have low wear and are easy to handle thanks to the spring-loaded technology.


Pro 600 Double Boiler with PID

The Pro 600 is a double boiler espresso machine with PID display, which can also be used as a single boiler machine. Both boiler temperatures can be adjusted individually using PID.


Pro 700 Double boiler, PID and rotary pump

PRO 700 is a semi-automatic espresso machine with double boilers and PID display. The temperature of both boilers can be adjusted individually.


Pro 800 a real classic

Our PID-controlled lever machine PRO 800 is not only a classic with its simple design, but also provides an exceptional taste experience. Get the best possible espresso thanks to the pre-infusion provided by the massive brewing group and the special pressing process.


If Profitec espresso

Profitec espresso machines are advanced, German-engineered machines designed for the ultimate espresso experience. These machines are built with precision and attention to detail, using only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology.

One of the distinguishing features of Profitec-machines is their temperature stability. The machines use a unique heating system that ensures the water temperature is always at the perfect level for brewing espresso. This means that every shot espresso is consistent and of the highest quality.

A great feature of Profitec-machines is the ability to adjust the pressure on the water flow. This is known as the "pressure profiling function" and it allows you to fine-tune the extraction process to get the perfect shot of espresso. This feature is especially useful for baristas who want to experiment with different coffee blends and find the perfect extraction for each one.

Profitec-machines are also built to last. The machines are constructed with high quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy use. In addition, the machines come with a two-year warranty, giving users peace of mind that their investment is protected.

In summary is Profitec espresso machines premium machines designed for the ultimate espresso experience. Built with precision and attention to detail, these machines come with advanced features that make them suitable for both home and professional use. Plus, the machines are built to last and come with a two-year warranty, making them a great investment for anyone serious about their coffee.

barista and espresso in action in Stockholm

with Profitec-espresso Pro 500 and Pro 700 serving Gringo Radical espresso.

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