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Espressolovers need the right grinder for great results. Professional grinders use larger flat or conical burrs that generate less heat and create a uniform particle size. Home models usually have small blades that can affect brew quality. Commercial machines also have larger containers, so you can grind more beans in less time.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to espresso machines for a convenient way to make their favorite coffee drinks. But if you're serious about making awesome espresso, it is important to have the right grinder. Home and professional espresso grinders have very different designs and capacities which can greatly affect your brewing results.

The main difference between home and professional espresso grinders lies in the degrees. Professional grinders use larger flat or tapered steel grades that generate less heat than small blades found in most home models. This ensures a better extraction of flavor from freshly ground coffee beans as well as an even particle size for consistent results every time you brew. Also, because of the large magazines on many commercial models, you can grind more beans in less time.

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